Healthy Life

It helps to maintain a high-fiber diet and eliminate toxins from your body.


It helps to improve your mood by reducing the symptoms of anxiety and sleep disorders due to its high content in OMEGA 3.


 It boosts performance, attention span and provides benefits to the brain.


Take advantage of the benefits of a raw material that was discarded in the past that now becomes an important part of your diet.

Energya & Vitality

Our product helps and boosts your performance giving your muscles greater resistance and growth.


Edible seaweed, common of the subantarctics, prevails in Chilean Seas, New Zealand and The Atlantic Ocean, takes part of the typical chilean cuisine with its greenish brown color and a consistency different to those commonly commercialized algae, it is much more fleshy and fibrous with a softy flavour
and a low-level of salt.

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